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  To request a mailed copy of the CRS, LLC Client Application or if you have questions, 
  please contact CRS, LLC at (800) 533-1416 ext. 102 or
  • Credit Renewing Services, LLC ask that each new client read, sign, and submit the CRS, LLC Client Application which includes consent to request your credit report. Each client must provide us with information from the three main credit bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian). Each credit report will include all but not limited to the following information:
      *   Present and previous address information
      *   Employment history
      *   Public records reported to the credit bureaus
      *   Current and past creditor or collection information with address and 
            telephone numbers
  • Upon receipt of the CRS, LLC Client Application, you (the Client) will be contacted to set up an initial consultation to receive a Welcoming Packet filled with valuable information regarding the selected Service Plan along with a Client Identification Number to use when calling to inquire about your account.
  • Access to our Client Gateway Portal to view your personal status report at anytime is sent via email regarding the progress Credit Renewing Services, LLC has taken since the initial consultation to improve your credit history and score.
* Note: Please be sure to submit all requested documentation for prompt handling.
                   Failure to do so, will delay processing.
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